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In today’s world where patients have increasingly turned to the Internet for their healthcare decisions,  many physicians and providers are facing challenges gaining new patients and referrals. Despite being talented professionals, providing outstanding care the Internet and social media have become a growing challenge to medical professionals who understand the importance of their online presence.

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With the access that patients have to information the Internet and social media are often the first place they look to understand the reputation, skills and professionalism of a provider they have chosen to see. 

Friends, family and co-workers are often consulted after a patient has done a search online for a provider.  

Personality, reputation, skills and outcomes all contribute and impact your professional presence online. Why would you not invest in controlling and managing how you are presented to your potential patients and other professionals.

At Colorem Digital we carefully craft your ONLINE PORTFOLIO utilizing the latest in design and search engine optimization providing an online presence in which you will be proud and your patients will have confidence in making the choice of your practice.

A Neurosurgeon's Website in the UK

The following are 5 key points of building a Surgeon’s website: 

1. Display surgeries you perform

A display of surgical procedures by a Neurosurgeon
A display of specialist procedures by an Upper GI Surgeon

Your website should not only display the procedures and diagnoses you manage but highlight those which were special differentiating skills or experience. Your site must be optimized in such a way that patients looking for this expertise find YOUR online presence early in their search results. Your site should highlight your academic credentials, the meetings you attend and the medical organizations in which you are a member.

At Colorem Digital we carefully craft your ONLINE PORTFOLIO for you and your patients with all the trendy designs so your patients can have a successful interaction.

2. save time & effort- write articles and answers to general queries

Articles on a surgeon's website

Providing commonly answered questions not only provides confidence for patients in their education but assists in extending your connection to the patients outside of the walls of the clinic, increasing your engagement. It also helps to address the many questions patients may have but may not be able to ask during their appointment. Your online presence as an “expert” increases the likelihood of successfully attracting new patients to your practice.

The Process of Interaction (Consultation/Meeting) be optimised.

Having an online presence in the form of articles with all the right answers saves a lot of valuable time, effort and maintains trust.

At Colorem Digital we ensure we that we put all the Right answers and articles for your patients on your website. Having all the answers to a related disease will save you time. Your patient will already know the answers upon interaction and will feel confident.

3. Display The Number of Cases & Show experience

Display of number of cases

At the end of the day when it comes to choosing a specialist, experience matters. Patients respond to an understanding that what may appear to be an intimidating decision, like surgery, is common in your capable professional hands. Sharing information like number of cases done in a career and annually, special training or techniques and your outstanding outcomes help to lessen the concern in choosing a physician and helps to differentiate between those located in their community.

I personally recommend mentioning the number of cases you have performed to combat this. Afterall a surgeon who performs 500 cases in 1 year will have more practice than a surgeon who performs the same in 3 years. 

Being technically sound is not enough. You must maintain a public presence that displays your growing experience, the difficult procedures you are able to perform, number of cases you have done.  

4. Patient Education Videos

Patient videos on a surgeon's website

Questions and concerns that remain unanswered until a consultation, and sometimes even after can be taken care of in the form of detailed Patient Eduction Videos. Let your patients know about all the possible scenarios of a surgery, the success rate, the complications and simple questions like the length of the surgery, what happens in the procedure, expected pain and recovery after a procedure. Patients are apprehensive, and videos are reassuring.

Also, this will help you save time and also let your patient know how thoughtful you have been to address their concerns. A youtube channel will also be very helpful. 

We take great care in editing videos for you.

5.  Book online consultations- Let you're patients know your available online

Book online

Last but not the least. Let your patients know your schedule so they are able to book an appointment with you online. Let them know you are available to answer their queries even if they are not able to come to you in person they can still have a video call with you on zoom.

At Colorem Digital we have the technology to have this integrated to your website. Zoom and Skype links can be automatically generated for you and for your patients and sent via email.

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