Meet the Editor in Chief

Tabassum Rameez

What Can I Do For Your Business?

Content Writing

Do you want to increase traffic to your website or blog? Well, look no further! I am the writer you need and want.

Offering fluff-free, engaging and informative blogs and articles. All my content is detail-oriented, researched, and optimized for search engine rankings

That is not all! I check each of my pieces on:

  •         Grammarly
  •         Copyscape
  •         SEMRush

To ensure you get colloquial work, I offer content free of grammatical mistakes, non-plagiarized, and SEO compliant to build your stalwart digital identity.

Product Description

You’ve strived hard to introduce your product into the market, but now it’s time to generate sales.

A product without a description is like a pen without ink—pretty useless!

But, worry not! As I am here

I know how to make your product appealing and sell it via the website or a catalog.

I have honed my skills in developing product descriptions that make your customers click on the “buy” button. I describe them in a way that entices sales and boosts your web traffic. Each piece is selectively written to mitigate customer hesitation and lead to spontaneous sales!

Not only is product copy well crafted but optimized to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

So, let’s work together to sell something AWESOME!!!


Web Copy

Is your Website Losing Sales Every day, even with a well-crafted SEO plan and ad strategy?

Traffic is great on your website, yet no sales

Wanna know what the biggest conversion killer is?


While your sales and landing pages bring the desired traffic, your website fails to provide the information your customers want.

That means you need a:

  •         Plausible Homepage
  •         Engaging About US page
  •         High-conversion Product/Service Page
  •         Clear and Concise Contact Page
  •         Responsive Customer Care Page
  •         An Informative Blog Page

You need website content that

builds trust and authority

connects with them on a deeper level

offer them beyond the product/service you offer


So, if you’re looking for a writer that adds value to your website content, hooks your audience, and converts them into prospects, drop a message now




Still, Not Satisfied? See What My Clients Say About Me


Pete Kelly, Co-founder

The article was good. It was well-researched and well-written. I would love to work with Tabassum on the next project, soon




Converting Ideas Into Words

I am an enthusiastic reader with a strong grasp of words that convert!

Why do I say so? I studied human psychology during college, so I know what makes the customers click. Secondly, my love for books has given me the flair to write that engages and mesmerizes the reader.

Professionally, I am an experienced writer helping clients to bring their ideas to (digital/virtual) paper. Hence offering an extensive range of services to businesses that want to thrive in this competitive era.


Services I Offer

Creative Writing

  •         Short stories
  •         Documentaries
  •         Story Boards
  •         Mood Boards

Content Writing

  •         Articles
  •         Blogs
  •         Case Studies
  •         Buying Guides


  •         Email Copy
  •         YouTube Scripts
  •         Facebook Ads
  •         Website Copy
  •         Product Description

Why Work With Me

My experience and portfolio are a testimonial of my high-quality services. Besides, I don’t write anything half-heartedly; so you get well-researched content that is:

  •         Authentic
  •         High-conversion
  •         Informational
  •         Seo-optimized
  •         And unique

The story doesn’t end here; I use tools to prove my credibility. Each piece is:

  •         Grammarly checked
  •         Copyscape passed
  •         SEMRush approved


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