Why do you need to have an online ecommerce website for your store?

Your Brand is What Other People Say about You When You Are Not In The Room

Today when the global economy is at the brink of a recession, gas prices have reached an apex, businesses are shutting down, buying power has drastically reduced it is imperative to find effective ways to keep your dream alive. One of the ways we can keep our business thriving is by having an affordable online presence.

The following are Top 4 Reasons why you need to have an ecommerce website. 

1. Grow and keep your network alive - Email Marketing

Every product based business needs to have its audience. Keeping in touch with your customers and letting them know about your new additions is important. Using an ecommerce website enables this with ease. You can send emails to your customers and grow their list as new ones visit your store online. Sending newsletters and promotions will help you enormously attract customers and keep your business running at a low cost.

If you are using WordPress as a platform for your ecommerce website you can use the following plugins for email Marketing:

  • Mail chimp
  • Active campaign
  • Send in Blue
  • Newsletter
  • Hubspot
  • Mailster 

2. Understand your Customers - Use analytics

Once you have an Ecommerce website, you in essence also have the access to view who visited your website, who purchased your products, what time sales are the highest, what product is most in demand. Such important information will help you in understanding your audience better. You can use the following data to your benefit and optimize your business strategy:

  • Demographics
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Most Selling Product
  • Client Persona
  • Customer Buying Power
  • Recent Sales
  • Bounce Rate

3. Branding, promotion & Blog writing

Having your own website is great for branding, advertisement and marketing. You can promote yourself and your brand at the same time. You can write blogs, make videos and ads for the website. Writing blogs is a great way of content marketing. You can write about the value of different products and how they can change your customer’s life. 

Also, sharing your latest promotional offers on the website with help you engage with customers and increase sales. The following is you can do to Promote your business:

  • Write articles
  • Make videos
  • Share News Letters 
  • Advertisement

4. add pictures, description, reviews and videos of your Products

In a study, it was reported that people are more likely to engage when they see videos and photographs of products. Adding pictures and videos of your products enables your customers to visualise a product without coming to your store to see it.
You can add Description and reviews about your product and what other customers have to say about it which really helps in making a decision.

The following is what you can do to help your customers:

  • Add HD pictures of your products
  • Add reviews of your products
  • Add description of your products
  • Add animations and videos of your products

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