Why should entrepreneurs make a Market Research website before making an e-commerce website?

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic the IT industry has experienced a boom. Everyone wants to start their business online. Groceries, clothes, electronics and food … Everything is now being sold on the internet, and watching this trend a lot of young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs are setting up their ecommerce websites.

Although, it may not cost you a fortune to set up a terrific website, ordering the wrong products from your suppliers will cost you one!

As much as I’d like to encourage building e-commerce websites I would want to advise young entreprenuers to perform market -research and put thought into what they would be able to sell.  Afterall, selling is not as easy as it appears.-

A Market Research Website

The following are a few tips which may help entrepreneurs in deciding in their products:

Build a Market research website

Before you order your favourite products and place them on your well built site, it would be a good idea to do a bit of a market research. It may appear as a slow and time consuming process, but will pay you off in the long run.

 To get started select pictures of your favourite products, and have them placed on your market research websiteYou should be able to get pictures of the products from your potential suppliers.

Your market research website should be able to note down the number of likes it gets on every product from the visitors who come to explore. 

Once you have your website ready you can start dishing it out in your circle. Your friends and people in your circle will let you know what products they like the most. 

You can even have prebookings for certain products for some discount. This will get you some return even before the project begins.

Once you have gathered all the data and knocked out products which appear less rewarding or less favoured by your circle, you can order the more promising ones from your supplier.

This will save you a lot of anxiety and get you ahead of the game.

What should your market research website have?

Your market research website should have the following basic features and provisions:

1. Pictures of products
2. Provision to like a product
3. Online Chat
4. Subscription
5. Contact forms
6. Discount offers
7. Social Media Icons 

Use of other plaforms - Social Media

While you have your market research website set up it won’t be a bad idea to have your business page on social media (Facebook, Instagram and twitter).

You can also get a fair idea on instagram and facebook of how your products might fare in the market.

Displaying your products on your social media and by creating posts on a regular basis will help you engage with potential customers, and attract visitors to your website.

At Colorem Digital we are able to make you website with custom functionality precisely focused and tailored to meet your business requirements.

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The author has more than 5 years of experience in the IT industry actively working with businesses and professionals to develop innovative methods and platforms for improved trade.

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